More Doors Ep. 8 – From Boardroom to Buildings: Tony Castronovo’s Pivot into Real Estate Mastery

In Episode 8, delve into the captivating story of Tony’s transition from his role at Ernst & Young to the realm of multifamily real estate. Tony shares his journey of discovering his true passion, the decision-making process behind choosing multifamily real estate, and the tactical approach he took to break free from his routine job and dive headfirst into this dynamic industry. Learn how Tony developed a wide array of skills necessary for the multifamily business, including underwriting, asset management, negotiating, and capital raising. Also, get inspired by his involvement in substantial deals, including a recent $40MM deal, and discover how he built an influential network to facilitate his success.

Tony, an active member of the Jake & Gino Coaching community, discusses the importance of having a mentor and the significant impact it had on his career. He also shares insights from his experience of co-hosting a multifamily meetup in Houston. In addition, Tony talks about his own coaching program, its mission, and its ongoing progress. Lastly, Tony takes us through his recently released book, offering an enlightening perspective on his experiences and learnings. Interested in learning more about Tony’s ventures?

Reach out to him at or visit for multifamily real estate.

For his coaching program, email him at or visit


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